The 2 year MCA program aims to transform today’s students into leaders in the IT field by giving them strong fundamentals of computing and programming skills relevant for field of robotics, AI, cloud computing, software development and testing, cyber security and many many more.

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    The Pedagogy

    The curriculum stresses the application of theory and computing principles through project work, case studies, presentations and practical assignments. Guest lectures are provided by industry thought leaders who provide the practical perspective and help students bridge theory with practical aspects. Students are encouraged to put importance on teamwork through group exercises and group presentations.


    The 3 year program is broken down into 6 semesters with students making the choice of specialization. Each semester, learning topics can range from foundational topics like data structures, computer networking, software design, various programming languages such as C, Python to advanced topics as algorithms design and analysis, machine learning, open stack technology, cloud computing, IOT, Cyber Security and embedded system design.

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