The Bachelor of Vocation (BVOC) is a three-year undergraduate degree program that emphasizes practical, skill-based learning. It is designed to prepare students for specific industries by empowering them to delve deeper into a focused area of study. Upon completion, students are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to be industry-ready and make a meaningful impact in their chosen field. The purpose of BVoc is to offer the skills required for a specific trade. The course is distinct from traditional academic programs because it places a stronger emphasis on applied research than just theoretical understanding.

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    Specializations Offered

    Software Development

    Focused on skill development in software development and computer science.

    Find the full syllabus on GTU website

    Information Technology
    (Pending approval by AICTE)

    Focused on skill development in programming languages, web development, software engineering, networking and cyber security.

    Find the full syllabus on GTU website

    Entrepreneurship Development (Pending approval by AICTE)

    Provides knowledge of start-ups, how to handle family business, fundamentals of markting, finance and HR as required by skill India and national policy 2020.

    Find the full syllabus on GTU website

    Banking Finance Services and Insurance

    Program covers basics of banking and finance like security analysis, derivative markets, financial management and risk management.

    Find the full syllabus on GTU website

    The Pedogogy

    The B.Voc course curriculum blends vocational studies with new technologies and incorporates various teaching methods, including lectures, practical learning, and industry-based skills. Students are required to do internships and training in their fields of specialization, and the course contains about 60% vocational training and 40% general education. This means that students undergo industrial training or project work for at least four to eight weeks every semester.


    RBIMS is affiliated from GTU and approved by ACITE, New Delhi.

    Check out the detailed syllabus as prescribed by GTU here.

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