Guest Lectures and Workshops:
• Here at RBIMS, we give not only academic knowledge, but also thrive hard to make true leaders and great technocrats who are also true team players.
• We invite esteemed personalities from various industries and institutions to impart knowledge to our students from their experiences.
• Various guest lectures and workshops are organized continuously to provide practical knowledge to the students.
• A 3 days workshop on “Digital Marketing” was conducted by Mr. Virat Shukla for the students.

Following is the list of guest lectures and workshops organized at RBIMS in the current Academic year:

Sr. No. Date Topic Speaker Company
1. 8th Sept., 2018 Career Opportunities after MBA Mr. Avinash CPF
2. 15th Sept., 2018 MDP of TCS ION Mr. Pranav Rawal Bascom
3. 13th October, 2018 Opportunities in Marketing Mr. Avinash, Ms. Renuka CPF
4. 31st January, 2019 Opportunities in Tourism Industry Mr. Sunder Vasudevan TRS
5. 7th February, 2019 Awareness of  Skill India Program of Govt. of India Mr. Yogesh, Mr. Avinash Skill India (Govt Dept.)
6. 13th March, 2019 Digital Marketing Mr. Virat Shukla V2 Infotech