The Vision

The RBIMS has focused the following vision at the campus.

  1. To provide learning facilities to youngest  member of the society of exceptional caliber for pursuing careers in various professional courses particularly in Management, Information Technology, software programming etc. at the campus.
  2. To promote knowledge through research, applied and conceptual, relevant to the students studying at the campus and to disseminate such knowledge through publications, and transfer of knowledge in the society.
  3. To provide proper infrastructure and learning environment for the students seeking admission at the campus.

The mission of RBIMS is to help the Gujarat state in particular and country in general to improve their managerial and technical practices both in the private and corporate sector. The Trust has a clear-cut mission to fulfill the vision at the campus. The broad based mission has been focused below:

To act as a platform for the generations ahead by culminating ideas, sharing visions through quality education and in the process being a role model for generating leaders rooting for an assured tomorrow

The Mission