MOU With Foreign University

MOU With Foreign University


Recognized by KPT (Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia) and MQR (Malaysian Qualifications Register)/ MQA (Malaysian Qualifications Agency).


Lincoln University College is the associate member of the “Association of Indian Universities (AIU)”.

Quality Policy:

LUC is highly committed to excellence and continual improvement of academic programmers’ including commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and to provide services to fulfill the needs.

LINCOLN UNIVERSITY COLLEGE, MALAYASIA and R B INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES have joined hands together. One of the many benefits of providing the students with the international exposure is that it helps to enhance and broaden the vision of students. Learning from international visits and attending international workshops/seminars enables students to experience and understand global scenario from a different cultural perspective. Likewise, the student exchange programs also serve to provide students with cross-cultural exposure and opportunities to expand their horizons. In that sense, it is important that management institutions do provide their students with ample of opportunities to learn and understand the global techniques with respect to their field and equip them with the traits required for working in a global environment.

Here the teachers, Students and University will get International Exposure and training.

Exposure to Cultural and Exchanges to understanding both the countries students life and difficulty to career related program.

LUC provides the platform for Exchange Program with more than 30 countries. Students of different countries and found in the same class speaking and communication on different language providing a global pathway to communication and global village, which helps in restoring , peace and understanding.

Hence students from different SARCE and ASIAN countries are found in the same room studying the same subjects sharing the same table, food, and culture.

In future we hope that India and Pakistan students  can share their own view point and avoid misunderstanding.


1) International schools will often include extracurricular activities within their curriculum. These activities can help children find and develop new skills. For instance, students can learn to be creative and develop unique imagination through extracurricular activities like debate teams, math leagues, robotics, and destination imagination.

When children excel in new activities, they gain confidence in newfound talents. Children who participate in extracurricular activities are also less likely to exhibit behavior problems. Extracurricular activities are a great way for children to learn how to focus and cooperate with other children.

2) Curriculum where students can move to Canada without IELTS.

3) Students can get Education of Canada curriculum from school level and can taken admission in University abroad.

4) Teachers training conducted to Malaysia on 4th and 5th September, 2019.

R B Canadian School will be providing for 3 different International Organization.

As our culture has suggested “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” that world is a global village . We at RB Canadian ( Symbol) will be converting Kinder Garten.

Here we provide real time international facilities like training to our teachers, digital Inspiration to our tiny tots helping them to understand the environment around us.

From standard 1st to 8th we will strive to achieve the ECO-Friendly standards supported by ECO-Global Denmark.

Here we will achieve quality environment for our students and help our school to be in the forefront again plastic pollution, Air, Water improvement.

Collection and harvesting of rain water and we will have special classes for teaching not only in school but also in the industrial hub of GIDC Naroda and Vatva.

Our students from 9th to 12th  will go to the slum around our school to teach eco-friendly methods to achieve in the daily life.