Our Library

The main heart of any college is its library. We here at RBI have a library well stocked with books for management and IT. We have more than 8000 books of which 5000 books are for management and 2000 books for IT from various different authors. Besides the books for syllabus we have other books too for the further enhancement of students. We have around 1000 books for general reading. We have subscription to various journals for students to study. We also have subscription to various magazines and news-letters for both the courses. We have subscribed to more than 7 magazines for IT, around 6 magazines for Management and various other magazines. We have magazines not only in English but also in Gujarati for better understanding of students. Our all the books are of latest edition. These journals, magazines and books enhance the knowledge of students regarding the latest happenings of research and development in their fields. We have subscribed to Delnet, which gives the facility of accessing around 3000 e-journals to students and faculties. Our library hours are from morning 9 a.m. to evening 5 p.m.