Rules & Regulations

Rules of the Institute:
• 80% Attendance is compulsory for the students.
• College Timings: Morning Shift: 7:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and Noon Shift: 9:00 a.m. to p.m.
• Library Timings: 9: 00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
• Identity card is compulsory for all the students.
Placement Rules:
• 100% placement assistance shall be provided to the students.
• Each student shall be given the choice of getting selected only in two companies.
• Student who is not interested in campus placement must fill the waiver form.
Rules for the payment of Fees:
• Fees in the form of Post dated cheques (PDCs) must be submitted before the starting of each semester.

Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises. Instances of ragging will be dealt with seriously by the anti-ragging cell.  If any student is found indulge in ragging, severe action will be taken against the student.

What constitutes Ragging?

Ragging constitutes one or more of any of the following acts:

• Any conduct by any student or students whether by words spoken or written or by an act which has the effect of teasing, treating or handling with rudeness a fresher or any other student;

•Indulging in unruly activities by any student or students which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship, physical or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in any fresher or any other student;

•Asking any student to do any act which such student will not in the ordinary course do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame, or embarrassment so as to adversely affect the physique or psyche of such fresher or any other student;
•Any act by a senior student that prevents, disrupts or disturbs the regular academic activity of any other student or a fresher;
•Exploiting the services of a fresher or any other student for completing the academic tasks assigned to an individual or a group of students.
•Any act of financial extortion or forceful expenditure burden put on a fresher or any other student by students;
•Any act of physical abuse including all variants of it: sexual abuse , homosexual assaults, stripping, forcing obscene and lewd acts, gestures, causing bodily harm or any other danger to health or person;
Administrative action in the event of Ragging.
•Suspension from attending classes and academic privileges.
•Withholding/withdrawing scholarship and other benefits provided by the Institute.
•Debarring from appearing in any test/examination or other evaluation process.
•Withholding results.
•Debarring from representing the Institution in any State level or National level Competition, Tournament, Youth Festival etc.
•Cancellation of admission.
•Rustication from the institution for period ranging from one to two years.
•Expulsion from the institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution for a specified period.


Anti-Ragging Committee

Faculty Committee Members:
•Dr. Pratima Rajput
•Prof. Ketna Patel

Student Committee Members:
• Mr. Darshan Prajapati
• Ms. Radhika Ramani
• Mr. Chetan Somani
• Ms. Neha Nijhara