1. Ganesh Chaturthi – At RBIMS, Lord Ganesha is worshipped for 10 days , with great faith and love. On the 11th day, the statue is taken through the streets in a procession accompanied with dancing, singing and colours, to be immersed in water.

  2. Thanganaat – Thanganaat is Navratri celebration, enjoyed with much fervor by the students and faculties alike by dancing to the tunes of Garba and worshiping the Goddess Durga in her different forms. It is an event full of enthusiasm, tradition and music.

  3. Holi – Festival of Colors, Holi, is celebrated by everyone and crosses the barriers of religion and caste. It is a spring celebration and the exuberant ritual of putting color on each other. At RBIMS, Holi fills the real color of love, spirituality, equality and dedication towards keeping alive Indian culture & tradition.

  4. Agrim – RBIMS organizes a state level inter-college annual cultural event “Agrim”, in the event full of expressions, fun and excitement.. The event is for participation at both UG and PG level (including students of BBA, B Com, MBA, MCA, BCA etc). The event offers exciting combination of formal (B Quiz, IT Quiz, Ad Mad Show) and informal (Antakshari, Treasure hunt, dancing, singing & Rangoli competition) events. Every year it is celebrated with huge participation and much enthusiasm. Around 500 students from more than 50 colleges across the state take part in various events.

  5. Fresher’s Party – This party is held by senior students to welcome the new batch every year in September

  6. Days’ Celebrations – At RBIMS, various days are celebrated to rejuvenate the students from the burden of studies. Many days like “Back to School Day”, Traditional Day, Group Day, etc. are celebrated with HOD’s permission.
  7. Farewell party – Every year juniors give a Farewell party to the last semester students, to bid them good-bye with best wishes for their future.

  8. Teachers’ Day – Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5th, as a day for appreciation of teachers and as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society.

  9. Job Fair – Job Fair is arranged in association with the Employment Exchange of India. It provides job opportunities to many unemployed people and serves as a platform for meeting up of job providers and seekers.

  10. Graduation Ceremony – This is held in recognition of the accomplishments of the students who have successfully completed their post graduations.

  11. Orientation program – It is a welcome party for new admissions. This would make them feel comfortable and be at ease in the new college environment.

  12. All India radio recording for youth forum – The All India Radio team had come to record the statements and experiences of our students and staff.

  13. Tashanbaaz by radio red fm – It was a talent hunt program organized by Radio red FM. Students participated whole heartedly with their music, dance and drama performance.

General Guidelines & Rules for Agrim-TechFest

Registration Fee – Rs. 50 per participant for any one event.
•Last Date of Registration is 1/02/2020
•No spot registration is permitted.
•Registration should be done through website
or through telephone to Coordinators. (Time 9:00am-5:00pm)
•The event is for the students from all the Under-graduate programmer, MBA and MCA.
•No member can participate in more than one team for the same event
•Participants should carry their Identity cards issued by their respective institute.
•All the team members must be present during the event.
Elimination rounds will be conducted for events with large number of entries at Institute.
•Coordinators reserve the right to cancel the event in case of lesser entries (minimum number of entries required is 5).
•Participants should report at the Registration Desk at 7:30 am.
•Non Participants are welcome to attend “AGRIM- TECHFEST – 2020".
•The committee reserves the right to disqualify the participants in case of any misconduct.
•Decision of the judges will be final and binding to all.
•Participants are advised to see the schedule before registration. In case of simultaneous games, you can participate only in any one event.
•In case of tie in any of the game the issue will be resolved using a tie-breaker round.

Ad Mad show

•Maximum 5 participants per team are allowed.
•The participants will be given a product/Service to launch in the market.
•Participants will have to create the strategies for the launch of the product or service. This includes product name, logo, punch line and jingle, visual advertisement followed by a role play showcasing your advertisement.
•Each team needs to prepare print ad within the provided resources.
•One hour shall be allocated to each team for the preparation of the ad.
•The maximum time for Ad is 3 minutes.
•The advt. can be in any language( English, Hindi, Gujarati)
•Caution should be taken to refrain from displaying obscenity, violence, prejudice, defamation etc. in Advertisement
•The decision of Judges will be final and binding.
•In case participants exceed the time limit Judges will be free to disqualify the team.


•Maximum of 2 participants are allowed per team.
•Participants will be given 1 hr of time.
•Size: 3*3tls.
•Theme will be disclosed at the time of the event & participants will select only one theme from given themes.
•Participants should get their own material.
•Only flowers/grass/edible/ natural materials/ Rangoli colors are to be used.
•Water Rangoli is not allowed
•Paints, sketch pens, crayons, color pencils and other coloring aids are Strictly Prohibited.
•No electrical/electronic help is allowed.
•The criteria for judging will be: theme, choice of design, color combination, cleanliness and overall effectiveness.
•Participants will have to give an explanation to the judges at the end of the competition. (if required).

RB’s Dancing Superstar- Rules

•Students can participate in groups or solo
•The participants have to come prepared with a dance performance.
•The time limit for each performance is 3 minutes.
•No props will be provided by the institute.
•The participants have to bring their own song in a cd or Pen drive and their own costume.
•The evaluation of the participants will be done on the basis of song selection, stage usage, steps, coordination, and costume.
•Dancing Performance using UV lights will not be permitted.
•Participants must submit their respective song in CD/Pen drive during registration.

LAN Gaming

1.Selection of team will be decided by cheat withdrawal in every round.
2.If total no. of team is in odd number then the last team will automatically reach to next level and they will consider as lucky team.
3.The first team by cheat withdrawal will have choice to select CT OR Terrorist.
4.Banned Weapons :
A)Schmidt Scout
B)Magnum Sniper
D)Krieg 550 Comm. ( CT )
5. 1st Round
A)Maximum and Minimum no. of players per team are 5
B)The Map Will be $1000
C)Total no. of rounds are 5
D)Max round winner team will be considered as a winner of 1st round
E)Starting money will be $16000
F)Round time will be 03:00 Minutes
G)Friendly Fire will be ON
6. 2nd Round
A)Maximum and Minimum no. of players per team are 5
B)The Map Will be Mini_Dust_2
C)Total no. of rounds are 5
D)Max round winner team will be considered as a winner of 2nd round
E)Starting money will be $16000
F)Round time will be 03:00 Minutes
G)Friendly Fire will be ON
7. 3rd Round
A)Maximum and Minimum no. of players per team are 5
B)The Map Will be De_Inferno
C)Total no. of minimum rounds are 10
D)Max round winner team will be considered as a winner of 1st round
E)Starting money will be $16000
F)Round time will be 03:00 Minutes
G)Friendly Fire will be ON
8.Top 2 teams will be a winner as 1st and 2nd
9.Event coordinators can change and decide rules at run time and it will be considered as a final decision

Treasure Hunt

•Players are allowed per team.
•45 minutes will be given to each team.
•Either All team members or each of them will go for searching the Piece or Item/clue.
•In the case of tie, the issue will be resolved using a tie-breaker round.
•Map for the area where you have to search out the item or piece will be provided.

IT Quiz

•All the teams have to be in pairs.
•In the time based round final decision will be made by event coordinator.
•The participants shall not be allowed to use mobile or other electronic instruments.
•The quiz will cover question from IT and related area.
•All the teams have to report the event location as announced by the event committee before 10 minutes of the start of the event.


•Each team shall consist of two participants.
•Use of mobile phones or other electronic device is not allowed.
•The questions will be in the form of multiple choices, True/False statement, Specific –answer questions etc.
•Questions related to logo identification, personality/character identification, advertisement recognition, business related etc can be asked in various rounds of this Quiz.
•Replacement of any participant of a team is not allowed after registration.
•Each team will face a written entry round and maximum 6 teams will go forward in the final competition.
•Quiz Master’s decision will be final.


•A team should consist of only two members.
•Correct wordings of the songs are must otherwise marks won’t be given.
•There will be an elimination round in the beginning
There would be three rounds having different modes.
•These rounds would be declared only at the time of the game.
In case of a tie there would be a fourth round.
•The decision of the judges would be final.
•Team which opposes judge’s decision will be eliminated on the spot
•Only songs from Bollywood movies/Albums are allowed.
•No song can be repeated again in the round

Basic Submissions Guidelines For Photography Contest

•The contest is open for all students only for individual participation.
•Submissions will not be accepted after stipulated time.
•Photos submitted must be no larger than 5MB. Photos must be in JPEG/JPG format.
•You are required to provide a unique title & description for each image submitted.
•All submitted photos must contain the properties, file information However there must be no border(s), logo(s), copyright marks, identifying marks, or any other visible references and/or marks on the image.
•Basic editing with Smartphone is allowed.
•Advanced editing on laptops and computers is not allowed.
•Photos that portray or include inappropriate and/or offensive content are strictly prohibited and will be immediately discarded.

Gata Rahe Mera Dil (Singing)

•There will be an elimination round in the beginning in case of more than 15 participants.
•A team can be solo, duet and group (Maximum 8 members in group song).
•The time limit is 3 minutes and Songs will be allowed in Hindi, English and Gujarati only.
•Only mike will be provided by the host, Participant have to bring instrument or instrumental music if required with self to perform .
•Participants will be judged on authenticity, theme, clarity of words, harmony, tune, rhythm, expression, discipline, timing and presentation.
•In case of tie there will be an impromptu round.
•Team which opposes judge’s decision will be eliminated on the spot.
•The decision of the judges will be final and binding on all.