HOTTER TEMPERATURES COULD MEAN MORE HEAT- RELATED ILLNESSES, REPORT SAYS: Rising temperatures triggering extreme weather events around the world could result in an increase in heat-related illness and deaths, as well as the threat of new infectious diseases, according to scientists at johns Hopkins University. A paper published in the journal of clinical investigation says […]

MEDITATION: Anxiety with meditation, Know the many health benefits it offers

Health tips during lock down: it you feel bored, tired, stressed and anxious during the ongoing lock down because of corona virus outbreak, and then doing some meditation can be of great help to you. Read here to know how can meditate at home. The practice of meditation helps in much more than reducing your […]

Understand the emergence of covid-19 and how we respond to eat going forward

The world is paying close attention to the outbreak of covid-19 following eats its emergence in December -2019 in Wuhan china. With a outbreak of a covid-19 declared a pandemic by the WHO (world health organization) people worldwide are working to address it. What topics will you cover? How covid-19 emerged and was identified? How […]