Master of Business Administration – IS IT MANDATORY

The purpose of this article is to bring light on the “Importance of Post Graduation in Management “.


In recent times, all the parents were insisting on their children to earn immediately after their studies without giving them time to think or without providing the proper guidance or many times they fail to create diverse opportunities for the children to choose.


In every organization, there is a chance for every employee to climb in the Ladder of growth. During this growth, any fresh employee had to become a team leader in 5 years and has to take a leadership position for simple projects as a project leader in a year or two.

Hesitation or inefficiency

When this opportunity of leading a project or team comes many employees have the hesitation to grasp due to the lack of confidence. On the other side, it is due to the responsibility given with the authority for which they were not trained to manage. Even if the employee was given the position by the top management, they would struggle in the initial stage of their leadership and would take a long time to learn by trial and error method. This clearly shows the inefficiency of an employee in managing the peers, timeline, small funds allotted, and so on.

Wherein if the employee had studied the M.B.A. Course. They would have an ample amount of knowledge about all the management concepts and techniques that help them in grasping the opportunity of growth.

M.B.A. For All

In a discussion about any course, the eligibility of a person to join becomes the priority, but as of M.B.A. is concerned all the undergraduates can join the course, learn management theories and apply in their domain. Every stream whether a person could be an employee or employer needs management.

The graduates willing to start their own business have to take up the management course compulsorily. Even doctors whose work is only to treat the patients should also apply because of the various administration’s related works they are involved in both private as well as government hospitals. The BDS doctors are eligible to open up their clinic and they lack marketing, office administration skills, hence they should also join the management courses.

Engineering is a professional course, wherein the engineering graduate can start their own manufacturing business but due to the lack of exposure to the management skills most of the engineering graduates are going for the less paid non-engineering jobs. Hence all the engineering graduates must take up management post-graduation to increase the number of manufacturing units in India.


The earth revolves around the sun; similarly, the world revolves around business. Therefore Master of Business administration becomes vital and mandatory for every individual (who aspires for best) in this fast-moving business world.

(The Personal Note was written by Dr.S.Ragavan, Assistant professor, R.B.Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

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