Lockdown has affected people in different ways. For some lockdown is a situation to relax at their homes and having time for themselves. While for some it is a very worrying situation. People who works on daily wages and the middle class people who rely on their small scale businesses are in total dilemma. The poor are still getting food from the NGO workers and government are also helping as much as they can.

But the most affected are the middle class people who might not have a secure savings amount. Nor the government can help them. Apart from this issue people are now spending more time with each other than before. Families have started sitting together and spending their time together unlike before when children had a life of their own and parents working 24×7. The old board games are back in every house to kill time and not get bored. Offices gave the opportunity to work from home. So this balances the work life and family life.

Another positive deed occurred from lockdown is a high decrease in pollution. Pollution has gone down like a magic since no much vehicles are on road. Factories are closed. So all these pollution creating hubs are closed due to lockdown making a good environmental change. Even the ozone layer holes are now filling up inch by inch.

Lockdown had its own positive and negative effects on the civilization.

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