Effects of blue light technology

Blue light can be very harmful for the eyes since it can penetrate all the way through our retina of our eyes. There are various surveys that prove and support this matter. The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) has given and supports the report of blue light making our eyes impaired of vision. There can be short term effects and long term effects as well of the blue light which will be seen as the growing age.

Harvard Health Publishing also accepts the fact that blue light is very harmful, in fact it asserts that it has much negative effect on sleep. So is supported by American Medical Association. There are many negative health impacts of blue light or LED use to humans in general.

There are various ways from which we can prevent some damage:

  • Screen time: We can reduce the screen time use being aware of the effects.
  • Filters: There are blue light filters available for almost all devices, some have the feature inbuilt while some can download it easily from the internet.
  • Glasses: There are computer glasses available in the market which are tinted yellow.

And so on… There are multiple ways to prevent ourselves from the harsh side effects of blue light.

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