Indian Culture and Tradition

India is a multiple and different culture that has been developing for thousands of years and varies from region to region. Here is a very brief overview of culture and tradition in India.
As India has 4th largest populations country in the world, public and private spaces are often densely populated. These influences how the idea of privacy is understood, as it is rarely available, sought after or indulged in.
India is main country of the birthplace in the world’s major religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.
India has 28 states and seven territories in India ,Hindi is the official language of the government. India’s many people living in devangari lippy on write Bengali, Telgu, Marathi, Tamil & Urdu are some other languages spoken in the country.
India is identified on birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism, the third fourth largest riligions.all the Hindu scriptures that are considered holy have been scripted in the Sanskrit language. Buddhism is the other religion that was originated in the country.
Our culture always teaches us to respected elders, behave well , are for helpless people & help need and poor people.
Indian Food
Indian food cuisine the nation consists mostly of rice, wheat and Chana. While vegetarian food is an integral part of Gujarati South Indian and Rajasthan cuisines, non-vegetarian dishes form a central part of Magalia, Bengali, North Indian and Punjabi cuisine. It is also interesting to note that specific cuisines like that of Kashmir have also been influenced by foreign cooking styles from Central Asia, Persia and Afghanistan.
Indian clothing is very closely identified with the colorful. women are often seen sporting saris. The sari is a single cloth and needs on stitching, it is easy to make & comfortable to wear. A traditional style of clothing for men a kurta pajamas, a loose shirt that is wear about knee-length. For special occasions men wear a Sherwin and Nehru jacket.

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