Freelancing work after BCA and MCA part-1

Topic to be covered        

Define Freelancing

Compare Freelancing with Job

Check fake online job/works.

List of Famous freelancing platform

Define Freelancer

  • A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-terms.
  • Freelancing is almost like running a single-person business or to use a legal term, it is sole entrepreneurship.
  • If you don’t take your business seriously, there are chances of an untimely collapse of the venture.

One can do all freelancing work after BCA and MCA from RBIMS College.

How to check website (for doing work as freelance) is fake or not?

  • Find review of the website.
  • Don’t just good video about also try to figure out others website and honest review.
  • Never pay to get Data Entry or Survey filling work.
  • Ask to the expert in this field.

Freelancing Best Site work IT & other department

Write content in any language

  • Create your own book sell on amazon kinder.
  • Your need to create only soft version of your book and other all will handle by amazon.
  • Become write in your known language.
  • Become translator.
  • Become content writer.
  • Become Testimonial writer

Create Music or background music

Sell your speech (voice) online

For Designer to lots freelancing of job

  • sell your photo
  • com logo selling
  • (photo selling)
  • (logo competition)

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