Corona or covid-19 is an national outbreak condition. People are dying everyday and our government and official workers are working really very hard to control the situation in its best way possible. Doctors are now the god for people working 24×7 just for the sake of saving lives as much as possible. They’re compromising their own lives to treat the infected. COVID-19 is an pandemic outbreak occurring all over the world.

Doctors and the whole police committee trying their level best to control this epidemic. Every police officer leaving their families to work for the country deserves a huge salute. They are the warriors in KHAKI. Our prime minister also came up with ways we can show our gratitude towards the COVID warriors. People lighted candles and diyas and turned off every light in the house to show their support.

The other time people ringed bells and plates & spoons to thank all the arrior of this pandemic.

Not forgetting the cleaning workers of hospitals and the door to door garbage collectors who are also risking their selves to keep the nation clean. All we need to do is to co-operate and stay home as much as possible. We need to support the nation during this pandemic.

The Indian Armed Forces paid tribute to our warriors by flying-past, lighting up ships at sea, playing military bands, and the showering of flower petals at different places all across the country.

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