Smartphone Addiction

Smart phone which offers advanced technologies with functionality similar as a personal computer. While offering a standardized platform for application developers a smart phone performs as complete operating system software

New technologies available with cellular devices and the introduction of smart phones have become a large part of individual’s lives in the past few decades. Smart phones have the ability to perform almost every operation necessary for individuals at any time or place

These smart phones today can do almost everything. Faster networking systems, attractive and powerful applications and the technology literate users are making these smart phones very powerful these days. Huge markets are adopting the smart phones due to their flexibility, more productive features and better connectivity to the world in terms of internet.

Smart phones have come to exemplify one of the wisest and the most convenient technological ideas in the history of mankind. The unique combination of features makes Smart phones extremely usable and useful for different purposes. In business or in pleasure Smart phones expand our capabilities and help us resolve our problems in timely manner.

Advantages And Disadvantages :


  • Can always be available socially.
  • Can avail the Customer service offers to be easily accessible.
  • Food and groceries can be ordered online.
  • Complaining about products and services becomes a whole lot easier when you can do it through Twitter and Face book on your smart phone. Many companies now use social media as a part of their customer service. It makes it quick, easy and you can do it anywhere.
  • Email and Banking become easy.
  • Endless apps are available to make your dreams come true.



  • As too much of anything is good for nothing, depending on a smart phone for everything makes you addicted.
  • Few of them get really addicted that they text or watch videos while on roads and talk on the phone while driving, which causes serious trouble as being busy makes you react slow.
  • Smart phones are a very good vehicle for capturing the best and most memorable moments in our lives, but sometimes they are also the culprit when it comes to our memory loss.
  • This is due to the fact that we’re solely reliant on technology to remember things for us — we stop bothering to remember things by ourselves. Therefore, these “special” moments become linked to digital photos rather than internal memories.
  • Chances of losing money due to fraudulence on the internet.

  • Usage of Apps by not having complete awareness might lead to the leakage of personal information, which could be really dangerous. The electromagnetic radiation will be high because of the heavy internet usage and might lead to health problems such as a brain tumor and Skin Cancer.
  • The HEV light emitted from the screen of a smart phone leads to severe eye-strain during long-time use and would slowly damage the retina.



Today life is so busy and everyone is trying to complete his own needs. No-one has such time to look around him and think for a while to what he/she wants. The economies are becoming stable and unstable sometimes.

So, Delete the addictive apps off your phone. If that’s too radical, move them off the main screen or into a folder that’s out of sight., Use the app Moment to monitor your usage patterns., Put your phone on grey scale so you aren’t as enchanted by the colorful graphics., Use “airplane mode” or “do not disturb” to silence incoming distractions., Consider unplugging your router during nights or weekends.


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