Role of Information Technology helps to fight against pandemic corona virus

COVID -19 a pandemic virus that has spread his feet in almost every country of the world and forced every citizen of the world to fight against this virus. Due to the spread of the virus at a very fast pace and its vaccine not yet found, the government of different nations across the world has declared lock down of their nation for the safety of its citizen which impact the economic growth of their nation. With the help of information technology, we not only reduce the spread of coronavirus but also helping the business or industry to stay open.

Some of the information technologies solutions that are adopted by different nations during the lock down period which help the nations’ economic stability are as follows:-

1.Work from home or Remote work:-

The major challenge during virus for industry and business to continue their work and maintain social distancing. Many companies asked their employees for “work from home”. Remote work is successfully done by using information technology such as using team viewer for virtual meetings, cloud technology, and much more software.


2.Distance learning or online education.

During the lock down period, not the only industrial sector but also the education sector got shut down. As a result, the method of teaching has changed dramatically; many universities and colleges have adopted e-learning and remote teaching methods.  There are many apps like BYJU’S in India, Alibaba distance learning education, etc.

3.Digital payment system.

There may be a chance of spreading the virus through cash exchange. Digital payment is the only solution for a contact less transaction like Mobile wallets, Net banking, and different digital payment modes(G pay, Paytm) can effectively reducing direct human interaction..


4.Artificial intelligence, Robotics and Telemedicine.

Nowadays telemedicine is mostly used in different hospitals of the US in which screening and testing of the patient are done from the remote place. On the other hand, Artificial intelligent based software was used by many Chinese hospitals that scan through CT images of patients for the signs of infections. Shenzhen- based company Multicopter is using robots to transport medical samples.


5.CCTVS camera and drones.

Drones and CCTVs camera is used by police for patrolling and surveil population and prevent buildup clouds in different areas during the lock down period. It also one of the safest and fastest ways to deliver medicine and food items in the quarantine area. Terra Drone is a UAV system to transport medical samples and quarantine supplies in China to fight the corona virus.


6.Video Conferencing, Mobile Apps and tracking system.

During the period of lock down social gatherings are prohibited. So people use different video conferencing apps like Zoom and Skype for any public meeting. The tracking system is used to identify public spaces where people are gathering in a group. For example, an Agrogya Setu App launched by Govt. of India. This alerts the users if any of the contacts tests positive for COVID-19.

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