Time to Create Employee Health Card

The purpose of this article is to bring light on “creating and maintaining the health database of the employees and health card”.


The employees are asked to submit their medical reports during appointment and periodic checkups would be arranged by the company to ensure the safety of the employees. Bigger companies and institutes have their dispensaries as a part of safety standards. But the employee’s current status of health is mostly not available with the companies.

HR Manager Responsibility

The COVID-19 is becoming faster-spreading virus; the employee who comes with good health today may come tomorrow with infection of the virus. The safety of the employees is the sole responsibility of the Human Resource manager, hence it is vital to create an employee health database and a preliminary check-up should be performed while the employee enters and goes out of the company.

Employee Health Database

The database should be created with all the health details of the employees and maintained in the company server that can be accessed from anywhere in the company. All the daily checkup results should be recorded in the employee health database. Apart from which the employees should be checked for diabetes regularly and recorded. The medical unit staff should instantly upload the result of every employee after the check-up.

Employee Health Card

The employees should be provided with the magnetic strip health card similar to the debit card that holds all the information about the employee health which was checked up by the company medical unit. Even it can be made as mandatory to enter the work area, like only when an employee gets his health checked up regularly can get access to enter the work area. The employee health database will act as a source of information.

Attendance 100%

The offices were allowed to work with 100 % attendance by following proper social distancing, which is not at all possible in the work area. Hence companies can still follow the work from home or they can have the division of employees based on the diabetic and non-diabetic which would be easily traceable from the health database. As diabetic employees may have higher chances of infection as they may be less immune. The diabetic employees can be instructed to work from home and non-diabetic employees can come to the office provided with all the safety measures.


Providing the health card, creating, and maintaining the health database would reduce the fear of infection among the employees that promote the productivity of the employees.

(The Personal Note was written by Dr.S.Ragavan, Assistant professor, R.B.Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

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