Pollution has been a great environmental problem in our lives. Pollution is purely because of the destructive human civilization and people not understanding their environmental supports. Increasing pollution have created so many problems in the world.

The ozone layers are depleting, the marine lives are getting extinct, soils are getting under nutritious and the air is not pure enough to breathe. The increase in industries and vehicles have made an increase in air pollution. Humans are destroying environment just for their need of comforts which is increasing as the day passes.

Industries are polluting the water bodies by decomposing all the waste water in to it. The ships and its oil spills are killing marine lives and decreasing the dissolved oxygen in water which being the reasons for marine life extinction.

Soil pollution has made the land more infertile. Most part of India is based on agriculture but the crops are not healthy due to all the chemicals and plastic decomposed into the soil. Things can be controlled if every human stays responsible with its duties towards the environment.

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