Effectively Managing Brand Communication in Covid–19

This is the most testing time for most brands because most activities are shut down and people prefer to maintain social distance to prevent the spread of  the corona virus. This is probably the most difficult time for most brands to connect and communicate with their audience.

In this pandemic situation, it becomes difficult for brands to attract new customer as well as maintain existing customer. Marketing during this period required lots of creativity and innovation. Following are the strategy company can adopt for communicating with their customers.

1.Social Media Play an important role

Most of the people are at home in this pandemic situation and maintain social distancing. In this lock down period use of social media is increasing hence, social media would probably become the primary means of communication with others.  With easy internet access and available at cheaper rate social media users are increasing. Social media would be an effective platform for communicating with your existing customer as well as to attract new customers. Lots of creativity is required in content to reach to specific target audience.

 2.Remote Customer Service in Lock down

Due to COVID-19 people prefer to maintain social distance will probably require changing method of operations of majority business. A company can use social media accounts, Mobile applications, Email marketing to spread information about the change in operations. With almost the entire workforce now operating remotely, help your service team adjust to now deal with clients and customers online, and help your customers have a good experience dealing with your brand.

 3.Educate your Audience

By educating the public, company will build and retain trust with existing customers. Simple and informative pieces of content will be appreciated by the audience.

4.Communication needs to be empathetic

At this time, while people are uncertain about what is happening, and what to expect, being empathetic to their needs and fears will let you be more understanding as to what type of messages will be appreciated. If there is an act of kindness that you could do during this period, don’t hesitate. It can help build trust and goodwill with the public and show that you care for them.

During these times, every action you take could be good or detrimental to your brand. However, by using empathy to craft an informative social media campaign, you could reach your audience organically. Your focus right now should be more on sharing factual information and educating your audience. This is an opportunity for your brand to show that it genuinely cares about its customers.

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