Sweden is the first first cashless country in the world. And all companies moving closer to becoming cashless, countries like a Denmark & Norway top the adaptation of cashless payments.

Sweden on the take a credit card and mobile phone and only 15% of payments involve cash transactions. A persons will be limited to paying with cash.

A popular mobile application use by the half country’s 10 million population. Payment transfers to people and business. In Sweden, 59 pc of the consumer transactions are completed through non- cash methods.

China is first cashless country in the world . world largest cashless market in china. The chines have largely skipped mass credit card adaptation & have instead embraced QR codes.

The main players are alibaba’s alipay, and We chat, owned by ten cent and has also been taken up by china. Who were the main providers of debits cards before the mass adaptation.

Most customer request payments in QR codes & its not a uncommon to see QR codes located all throughout china.

United kingdom(UK) in the credit cards , online payments and contactless payments, have largely replaced cash payment. Cash is no longer accepted in the public transport in UK.

When it comes to contact less usage, about half of debit card transactions and 35 percent of credit card transactions were done using the method.

Contact less payments systems are credit cards and debits cards , key fobs, smart card or other devices including smart phones and other mobile phones. Google pay , apple pay it’s a making secure payments.

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