Maintenance in Hair Saloon

The purpose of this article is to bring light on “methods to follow for Post COVID opening of Hair saloon”.


There is a fear among the people that after the lockdown, the salons would become the most active spreaders of the Covid-19 virus. But with certain proper safety measures, the hair salon could also be opened. Few of the measures are,

Materials & Maintenance

The prime materials used for hair cutting are cloth to cover the person, scissors, shaver, comb, and towel used for cleaning the face and head.

First, the cloth should be replaced with the single-use material. The non woven fabric which is available in the market can be purchased as the replacement for the cloth. The price of the non woven fabric is very less and if purchased as a roll in large quantity, it will cost cheaper.

Second about the scissors & shaver, similar to hospitals the scissors must be sterilized after every haircut, and if there is more time gap for the next customer to enter the saloon, before starting the haircut again the scissors should be sterilized. Sterilization is nothing but a simple process of washing the scissor and shaver then keeping it in a hot water for 2 minutes, though there are many methods available this method will do well for the safety measures.

Third, the towel used to clean the face, neck, and head of the customer, the cotton towels are available for a lesser price (say around Rs. 10). This towel could be used for cleaning after the haircut and shave, and the towel can be given to the customer for further usage by washing, it can be disposed of if they are not willing to take. In this way, one new towel should be used for every customer. The wholesale price of the towel will be lesser than Rs. 10.


Of course, this will incur a cost of maximum Rs. 20, and it can be reimbursed by adding to the price of the hair cut. Any customers would welcome the price increase considering that their safety is ensured.

Let us assume that the price of the haircut is Rs. 50, then the addition of non-woven cloth would cost Rs.10 and the total will price of the hair cut is Rs. 60; the price of shaving is Rs. 30, then the addition of an individual towel would increase the price to Rs. 40; if a person comes for both haircut and shave, the price would be Rs. 100.


Any hair salon can be opened and basic activity of hair cut be started by avoiding the face wash after the shave and other beauty services. This would ensure economic activity among the hair salon business community.

(The Personal Note was written by Dr.S.Ragavan, Assistant professor, R.B.Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)

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