Health is Wealth

We all have heard this proverb every now and then. Health is indeed wealth. Our body is made up of several elements; imbalance in this can cause various problems to our body. Maintain a healthy life should be the top most priority in everyone’s life.

Today’s generation have degraded their health quality due to technological advancements. Using mobile phones hurts the back, neck and eyes of children and adults. Sitting at the same place for hours doing nothing. Video games have replaced family times and outdoor games.

To maintain a healthy lifestyle you have to make changes in your life. It might be tricky at first but adding discipline in to the lifestyle will change you a lot as a person. Proper intake of all the vitamins, nutrition and calories is also very important which is degraded due to all the junk food available. And at last cleanliness is also a very important aspect for a healthy life.

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