Today when the world is facing pandemic Covid 19 situation, there are few brands which are trying to create a different positioning in the market. Personal hygiene brands have started promoting very actively and are demonstrating to take precautionary measures by their usage to prevent the spread of Corona Virus. This way there are few brands who are finding different ways to create awareness about the disease.  Some of the brands like Zomato, Lifebuoy, Amul and others have leveraged public service messaging campaigns. Here, the advertising tactics of few brands have been discussed.

1.Lifebuoy – A brand of HUL

HUL is promoting the use of hand sanitizer to prevent and stay away from the potential threat of the Corona virus disease. Also, it is promoting the use of Lifebuoy soap for frequent hand wash with the help of Television Advertising. In the beginning HUL released a public service print ad urging people to wash hands frequently using soap, use alcohol based sanitizers, tissues and masks if feeling unwell.


The very wellknown dairy brand Amul, did a topical ad featuring its brand mascot the Amul girl washing hands as the copy read ‘Better saaf than sorry’ a very clever wordplay of the phrase. The ad appeared in print as well as brand’s social media handles on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This way Amul promoted the idea of having hygiene and at the same time its brand is also promoted.


Zomato has also been running social media campaigns by using simple text in extremely small size against the red backdrop. Users have to zoom in to read the message which states ‘Germs are tiny. So tiny you can’t see them with your eyes. In fact, there might be millions of them on your fingertips that you see to zoom in to read this. Please wash your hands before eating.’


The Godrej group launched #ProtektIndiaMovement, a campaign to promote mass awareness about frequent hand wash and public health. Under this campaign, the company distributed free packets of Godrej Protect Mr.Magic powder-to-liquid hand wash in Maharashtra. It also donated sanitizers to Mumbai Police Force.

5. Mc Donald’s

Mc. Donald’s has created visibility and awareness by slightly changing its logo during this difficult and dark time to promote social distancing.  Social distancing is the need of the hour and it plays an important role in preventing Covid 19.

In this way in news papers and social media timelines and on television more social distancing and Covid-19 awareness campaigns are being launched by brands every day. These type of campaigns have two-fold advantage which includes the social angle on the awareness bit and the brand connect with the current situation. Here comes the concept of Social Marketing as well as Marketing of its brand/organization.

Compiled By:

Dr. Pratima Rajput

Associate Professor, RBIMS.

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