UPI Facility | What is Paytm, Goolge Pay, PhonePe, BHIM, & MobiKwik?

What is UPI

UPI, stands for Unified Payments Interface, is gaining popularity and is becoming one of the most preferred methods of online transactions in India. There are many applications that provide us this facility and apart from this, many banks have tied up with UPI and customers can use this platform through bank applications as well. By using this facility user can do both send and receive money through a Virtual Payment Address . The money will be directly debited from the customer’s bank account. Here we will know about some popular UPI applications in this blog.


Paytm is the first UPI application, which got launched in the Indian Market. Paytm, was hugely successful during the demonetization phase in India. It was the Paytm UPI app that first brought the concept of digital wallets that has been popular today. Today many merchants all over India use Paytm for their daily transactions, though the UPI interface is not as good as PhonePe as it got launched lately.

It also provides many other features such as bank transfers, mobile recharge, cash backs and bill payments and also offers you an option through which you can book movie tickets through it.

If you just step out of your house, you can easily find Paytm QR codes everywhere around you. Right from small level merchants to big electronic shopping malls, everyone has the Paytm QR code with them. You can make payment by scanning those QR codes quickly.

Google Pay

Google pay, initially known as Tez, is another popular UPI application in India. It was the first UPI app in India, which brought the scratch card options of getting cashback. As compared to other UPI apps,

Google Pay does not use a digital wallet. It is just a UPI app and doesn’t have a purse. That means its directly connected with your bank account, it does not hold any amount in it.But you can make every transaction which is UPI supported. Google Pay also gives scratch cards on the transactions that you do. These scratch cards provide users with rewards in the form of money.

Unlike other applications, Google Pay requires a PIN to open the application. This PIN is directly connected with the Google servers and hence cannot get hacked. This feature makes it one of the most secure application in the market.



PhonePe is one of the most popular and leading UPI application of India, It uses the UPI system for transacting money into various activities or services which help in our day to day life. PhonePe also offers all its customers in using its PhonePe wallet, which is very helpful in fast transactions.

PhonePe was proven a helpful organization under Flipkart. Hence, Flipkart was the first organization that started to support PhonePe transactions. Recently, when Walmart purchased Flipkart, PhonePe became an independent organization.

PhonePe provides many features such as PhonePe switch, cashback offers, and scratch card facilities. PhonePe does not require any pin or password to use it as you directly reach to its dashboard and select the facilities which you want to use.



BHIM UPI app, has got developed directly from the State Bank of India, BHIM SBI, is the UPI payment app made for UPI money transfer.

Though mostly it got designed for UPI fund transfers, the State Bank of India later added some more features to this app to increase its engagement among the people of country.

BHIM SBI app also provides the balance checking dashboard from where users can quickly check their balance after transaction. It gets directly connected with your SBI bank account, which makes it work even more faster.


MobiKwik is another UPI application that was hugely successful during the demonetization phase in India.

Though this application doesn’t provides as many features get seen in PhonePe and Paytm, MobiKwik does have its own set of useful features.

You can quickly transfer your money, pay bills, recharge your mobile, and also invest in something using this app.

Unlike other UPI apps, MobiKwik provides the best user interface, which is quite excellent. It has a unique dashboard that displays only those options which get mainly used by its customers, such as transferring money or pay to others. 



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