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  • Doing something good for the environment has never been easier.

Somehow we are facing a point in history where science is no longer the benchmark of reason and even worse it seems to be losing its objectivity as politicians have crept in to sway research in separate directions for their gain. How is it that we have come to a point in history where politicians believe they can be above “science” or that they know more than the leading experts in specific field? I hate that we have to have marches in the streets to convince people of the value and power of objective science. We have to have marches in the streets to convince people of the value and power of objective science. We now have to spend most of our valuable time convincing others that masks can help decrease the spread, that vaccines are to help the greater good, that the climate is changing rapidly as we use our natural resources solely for gain, and that our ways of  living and developing are unsustainable. I just hope we are all being humbled in these moments of chaos, as I definitely am, to understand we are not as powerful and indestructible as we once thought.

This earth was created for all of us, not some of us. It is time to take responsibility. We will continue to our fight for climate justice, join us in the fight for our future. Because the greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.


The tree is a complete living being: it is essential for meteorological events, to improve the climate, to produce materials useful for others species and to maintain the biodiversity of the ecosystem.

Indeed, some biologists believe that the extinction of only one species of plant can lead to the extinction of about thirty animals’ species. The consequences would affect the food chain with damage to biodiversity.

A tree absorbs almost 10kg if carbon dioxide through its life, thus contributing both to the transforming of this into oxygen, and to the reduction of atmospheric pollution. It therefore has the main function of maintaining stable the balance of the ecosystem which is often threatened by man. It may seem like a trivial phrase but the life of every human being depends on the trees. Indeed, plant species provide fundamental oxygen of trees contributes to better thermoregulation of the environment and this is especially true in cities where, without the precious action of plants, home heating and traffic fumes would drastically increase the temperature. In addition, trees are useful for conserving water and preventing water pollution (by absorbing harmful substances from rain and instead releasing clean water in nature). Finally trees protect soils from soil erosion, a factor of extreme important in a country like ours that is often the victim of hydro geological instability. Trees are likewise grandparents who guide us on the right path to live on a better planet, let’s listen to them!


Let’s demand an end to the age of fissile fuels and usher in a new age of natural solutions and climate justice for everyone. No matter where you are in the world, here are some simple ways you can get involved with a climate strike near you.


Join a climate strike in your area on or Can’t find one? Create one on either site and encourage others to RSVP and attend!


Add banners of widgets from that link to key sites where visitors can learn more and join.


If you’re able to, shut down for the day and opt for the strike! You might even inspire those who would have visited your business that day to strike as well.


Post to social media using the hashtag #climatestrike to show that you stand in solidarity with strikers.

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