India is a agriculture based country and the economic stability is is also depends on agriculture because more than 51% part is depends n farming value chain. Apart from that corona virus is dramatically created huge effects in all industries around the country. The corona virus attack created unexpected situation. Indian prime minister shri Narendra Modi declared four phase lockdown around the whole nation: each phase is continue with certain limitations and create social distancing for the precaution stage. During this lockdown it is challenging time how does Indian agriculture respond to the crises and how do government measures effect on millions of farm households across the country and what is the impact on countries economy in developing world?

Government support:

After lockdown immediately Indian finance minister announced INR 17 trillion package due to the corona virus protection including farmers, government support and release INR 2000 to the bank account of farmers as income support under PM-KISAN scheme.

  • Government also raised wages rate for workers those who are engaged under the NREGS world largest wages guarantee scheme.
  • Grain allotment to registered beneficiaries for three moths
  • Created PM-CARES (Prime Minister citizen assistance and relief in emergency situation) fund has been created
  • Launched KISAN CREDIT CARD (increased credit limit)
  • INR 100000 lakh will be give only 2% interest rate (for farmers only)


The Indian Council of agricultural research (ICAR) has issued state wise guidelines for farmers to be followed during the lock down period. They include special advisory for harvesting and threshing of various Rabi (winter sown) crops as well as post-harvest, storage and marketing the farm produce.

RBI also announced agricultural term and crop loan have been granted a three months by banking institutions with 3% concession on the interest rate of crop loans up to INR 300000.


  • Restriction on movements of people and vehicular traffic
  • Rabi crop was almost maturity and harvesting situation
  • This is the actual time to reach crop in the mandi (market yard)
  • Demand of the dairy products, fruits and vegetables increase but the supply is not filled
  • Transportation like by air, road, and rail totally blocked
  • Shortage of work force
  • Agriculture based startup companies needs actual support

Good news is that government of India has now increased its focus on nutrition security and raising farmer’s income. Also need to be change the consumer behavior with suitable program.


  • To promote online trading facility for farmers like launch special software or applications
  • Preplan to accept this kinds of challenges
  • Develop special supply chain system between traders and farmers for easily selling and trading
  • Develop seeds distribution channel between government and farmers.

Special financial squad for financial support for farmer like in crisis or corona situation they support to farmers and provide financial support.

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