Everyone is a leader, and everyone is leading all the time, which sprung within, well or poorly. Aspiring for leadership– big or small- is a basic trait of a human being, which brings emotional satisfaction.

Youth, in the age group of 18 to 25 would be urging to lead a team and display their identity. Hence, it is important to identify the hidden talent of each and every individual and customize the process of grooming to make the youth force powerful and strong to face the challenges of future and bring in paradigm change and 360 degree development of society.

FUTURE is NOW, meaning leaders of future are groomed now. These leaders are essentially heroes, whose performance is outstanding with imbibed quality of excellence and will power which have a bearing on the transforming society.

These Leaders are admired, because of their characteristic of empowering the society as a whole by taking up the problem of society on their shoulders and solving them differently.  They never demonstrate any trait of an anti-hero. The heroic acts of these leaders make others to develop a feeling of emulating the same which generates lot of mental satisfaction.

On the contrary, to be a hero, one need not stand out by doing something extraordinary, but it is doing many simple and ordinary things for the benefit of a group or community or society, as a role model a senior student may get involved in cleaning the canteen utensils to ensure high quality hygiene.

Anyone acting as a catalyst to change is a leader and it can range from promoting minor changes in a factory to good high quality corporate governance, as in the case of Infosys or to major socio-economic changes at great risk to the leader, as in the case of Mr. Narendra Modi.

Thus leadership is heroic in nature and the person who is leading is promoting a change and stands out may be in a small or a big way.

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