Green marketing effects on consumer buying behavior

Nowadays most of the consumers are aware about the product specification and its market value. It is not easy as a manufacturer to easily send their product in to the market and sold it out because there are so many options for the consumer to select their product. One of the important role which is play by the traders who provide services on behalf of the product.

Green marketing concept is to aware consumer about the product and its uses in a various options availability in to the market. Certain things which is important as manufacturer matter to provide final option as a best product. Eg. four star and five star products specification in electrical products.

For effective green marketing you need to consider three things:

  1. Being genuine: “what you show, that you sell”, according to that gently show your product specification to the consumers as well as the supply chain and provide special training for that.
  2. Educating your customers: let him know about the product with specification and identify your customer credibility in target market with advertisement.
  3. Giving your customers an opportunity to participate: letting the customer take part in positive environmental action.

Today’s consumers are becoming more and more conscious about the environment and are also becoming socially responsible. According to that there are some benefits for the company to follow environmentally friendly product for the consumer.

  • Long term growth and profit
  • Saves money
  • Government support
  • Create new market and enjoying competitive advantage
  • Employees feel proud to be work with environmentally responsible company

According to the research by Babita saini (2013):

  1. 70% of respondents are aware of green products
  2. 30% can pay more for eco-friendly products
  3. 60% have agreed that there is enough information about the product specification
  4. 50% people are strongly agreed that company should practice on green products
  5. 60% consumers are affected while they are purchasing product in to the market when product is not green
  6. 55% of consumer are repurchase the green products


  • green products required recycling and repurchase while using and it is too much costly
  • new technology and it require huge investment in R&D
  • water treatment technology, which is too costly
  • majority of people are not aware about the green products and its uses
  • Most of the people are not ready for the premium cost for the products.

Thus, most of the manufacturer are not willing to apply this eco-friendly model in the business and also most of the consumers are not ready to buy premium product in to the market because it is more costly.

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