The purpose of this article is to bring light on “three tree can be planted in every house with the available water”.

Rise in Temperature

In Asia the temperature ranges between -4 to 40 degrees Celsius, The temperature of India is nearly 40 degrees Celsius, as a result of this rise in temperature, the scarcity of water increases day by day. Humans cannot make the sun to reduce its radiation intensity, but the temperature around our living space can be maintained to some extent by planting trees around each house. Whenever we talk about planting trees, the first and foremost thought comes to our mind is there is no water for our daily usage and where we can get water for the plants. This is what everyone tells about tree plantation.

Water Utilization

In every house, the water is used for 4 purposes such as, bathing, toilet, washing utensils, and washing clothes. For all these daily usage human needs water, after which we term it as waste water and drain them into drainage system. Nowadays, dry toilets have become most common, by removing the toiletry water usage we use water for three different purposes at home.


The idea is simple that three trees can be planted and maintained using the water coming out from the three sources after human utilization. Let us take that we are planting one Mango tree, one Neem tree and one jackfruit tree around the house. We can connect water draining after bathing can be fed to Mango tree; water from utensil washing can be fed to Neem tree; and water from cloth washing can be fed to Jackfruit tree.

Simple Change

To do this simple change is required on our lifestyle. We started using chemical based soaps, detergents and liquids. But for the same, there are non chemical based products available in the market. It will be easy and simple to change from the chemical based to non chemical soap, detergent, and liquids. But the advantages that every house hold members will enjoy are good quality air, at least 2 degree reduce in temperature inside their house, and of course the fruits from the trees.

One house – three trees : one simple change – three benefits.

(This was an intuitive article written by Dr.S.Ragavan, Assistant professor, R.B.Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad, Gujarat)


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