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"Udaan" newsletter a student's initiative that is being regularly published from last 4 years where is students get an opportunity to shows their talents and express their views/ voice their opinion that show their responsible nature on various aspects of academic life & social environment. They are actively involved discussing the relevant issues in various workshops & discussion groups which are organized at the institute.


"NISHKARSH-The Journal of Management and Technology" (ISSN: 2320-4192) is a biannual research journal published by RBIMS. The objective of Nishkarsh is to publish up-to-date, high-quality and original research papers alongside relevant and insightful reviews. Issue 1 of January has been released. The introductory volume contains research papers by research scholars, academicians and students in areas of marketing, finance, H.R and Information Technology. The journal welcomes articles/ research papers in various fields of management and information technology.


"PROTSAHAN" is an introductory volume to the participants of RBCON - our research conference on Management and Technology. It usually contains the schedule of the conference and provides detailed information on different segments of the conference. It also contains brief abstracts of all the papers/articles which are expected to be discussed in the conference.