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Faculty NameResearch TitleDescription
Dr. B.K Sharma“Citizen Charter as an Instrument for better information system for e-Governance”Paper Presented on theme Emerging Trends in ICT in Multidisciplinary International Conference on Emerging Issues an Global Economic Scenario held by Aishwarya College, Udaipur on Date 23/08/09
Mr. Ramesh GoswamiPerformance Comparison between Cisco proprietary Routing protocols and Open Standard routing protocoPublished in International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science
Dr. B.K Sharma“Green IT: A Revolutionary Approach”A Chapter in a book “Retail Management” has been published by RBSA Publishers, Jaipur ISBN:978-81-7611-603-9 in 2012
Dr. B.K Sharma“Enterprises Resources Planning”Published by Thakur Publishers, Ahmedabad (Division of Thakur Publications Pvt. Ltd., Lucknow) ISBN:978-93-82249-01-6 in 2013
Dr. B.K Sharma“Usage of ICT for Teaching And Research in Management Institutes of Udaipur city”Paper published in Nirnay Journal in vol.5 No.1 July-Jan 2012
Dr. B.K Sharma“Computer Ethics- A clean Impact”Published in Research Journal of Advent Institute of Management, Udaipur
Dr. B.K SharmaStress : An Integral Part of LifeVol. 2 issue 1 July-Sept 2009 of Pacific Business Review a referred quarterly Journal of Pacific Institute of Management, Udaipur
Dr. B.K Sharma• “Barriers to e-Agriculture Information in India”Paper was published in The All India Seminar of The Institution of Engineers(India) Proceedings’ of ICT For Rural Development : Access and Applications page No. 157-160 ISBN No. 978-81-7906-197-8
Dr. B.K Sharma• “The Indian Retail Revolution: Trends & Opportunity”Paper published in Nirnay Journals Vol. 1 July-Dec: 2007