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Seminar on social media marketing and online marketing

Image On 12 Feb., 2016 a seminar was organized for the students of MBA on Social media marketing and online marketing. Mr. Kunal Premani, CEO of growidus and Ms. Jyoti Premani - Director of growidus were invited for the seminar. Growidus is one of its kinds, technology media companies in the world. They deliver customized media experiences and personalized purchase recommendations and business consultations to consumers worldwide. Mr. Kunal talked to students about how social media marketing and online marketing is defferent from traditional marketing. He also explained to them what the career scope in this field is. Growidus also wanted to help students with their internship. So Mr. Kunal further explained to students how they can enroll themselves for an internship with growidus. All in all students got an opportunity to learn something new as well as a chance to actually work in the field.


Guest Lecture on Machine Learning

Image On 23 Aug., 2017, RBIMS organized a Work Shop on Machine Learning in Computer Science for MCA and MCA(INT) students. Dr. Bhavin Shah, Assoc. Prof. L.J.(M.C.A.) was invited for the lecture. The lecture was about Machine Learning. He talked about Algorithms and DataBase. After the session was completed students went home with a clear head and fine knowledge about their careers.

Seminar On Ruby On Rails

Image R.B. Institute Of management studies MCA department organized seminar on RUBY ON RAILS programming language on 23rd august 2014 for semester V students.

Seminar for IP Security and Network Security

Image Seminar by Mr. Kaushal Bhavsar CEO of Pratikar Co. Ltd. On 1st October. To make students understand the architecture and working of IP Security and Network Security and also helped them understand the importance of IP and Network Security.

Seminar on Soft skills

Image Seminar by Ms. Gunjan Gandhok faculty of RB MCA. It was done to develop soft skills in student to that they can approach external world confidently.

Seminar for Core Java

Image Seminar by Mr. Ishan Panchal from Aptech Computer Center on 12th and 13th September to make students familiar with polymorphism,inheritance and abstract class interface

SCOPE seminar

Image Seminar held by SCOPE faculty Mr. Harpreet Singh and Mr. Manoj Mittal. It was done to make student understand effective speaking and how it plays important role in one’s life.

Seminar for yoga and concentration

Image Seminar by Mr. Tushar Panchal on 23rd August. Students learned yoga and how to concentrate on their goals and how to overcome stress.

Seminar for effective use of Google

Image Seminar by Student Vandan Pathak on 23rd August on effective use of Google. It helped students learn how to use Google efficiently and effectively.

Seminar for Goal Orientation

Image Seminar by Retd. Prof. P.K.De from DDIT Nadiad on 22nd August to provide guidance to students on how to set their goals in Mca , introduction to their syllabus.

Seminar on PHP

Image Seminar by Mr. Ravi Veliyat from Info Track solution on PHP on 21th August to provide introduction to students on PHP and how it is different from other programming languages.

Seminar for Effective writing of Dissertation

Image Seminar by Mr. Kaushal Bhavsar CEO of Pratikar Co. Ltd. On 28th August. To provide guidance to students on how to write dissertation and how to search effective data for their dissertation

Seminar on SEO

Image Seminar by Mr. Savan Raval on 21th August on SEO to provide knowledge to students on search engine optimization that how to optimize a website and web advertisement techniques.

Seminar by Mr. Jignesh from Aptech

Image Seminar by Mr. Jignesh Patel on 18th August from Aptech to help students understand the working structure of IT industries, What kind of jobs IT offers and how to develop Soft skills.

Seminar of hacking

Image Seminar by Mr. Nikunj Patel on 18th August on Hacking and computer tricks. It helped to provide knowledge to students on security, hacking and computer tricks

Development seminar

Image Seminar by Mr. Bhavesh Patel from Right click solution on 17th August This was to provide knowledge to students about how IT market works, what are its requirements, Working structure of IT industry and how to approach for projects in market.

Seminar of Microsoft

Image Seminar of Microsoft faculty for students on 17th August to introduce them with MTA certificate suite and database, administration knowledge. Objective was to motivate students and help them plan for their MCA. Also introduced them to MTA certificate suite and database