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Guest Lecture

In today world, knowledge is ultimate thing that gives power to a person. If we have knowledge about something the best way to enhance it is to impart it to others. A lecture is like a flask where the lecturer tilts to one end to benefits others. Here at RBI, we give not only academic knowledge, but also thrive hard to make true leaders and great technocrats who are also true team players. We invite esteemed personalities from various industries and institutions to impart knowledge to our students from their experiences.


Workshops are a best method for effective training, learning, development, team building, problem solving etc. Here at RBI, we believe that practical knowledge it the best knowledge to know and learn something. It helps to enrich the practical knowledge of students and to make them experience of how field work is done. They develop in knowledge and learn to work in a team.

Other Events

We here at RBI organize various activities like RBConn, AGRIM, Techfest, Thangannath, Independence day, Matki fodh, etc. To bring students from different colleges together and make them compete and enjoy. This helps them learn new things and new provide a platform to perform.